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Dawn Harries


Garth Sunrise


Hell's Mouth Rocks


Sunset Glow


All Artwork by Dawn Harries

Dawn Harries is a Welsh contemporary painter of British Landscapes, exploring and observing the interesting effects of light, shadow and colour to create atmospheric paintings with impact and quiet passages, using harmonising and natural colours to bring warmth, nature and sea air into your home.

‘I’m passionate about nature and the British Landscape, especially my home in Wales with its rolling hills and rugged coastline. I get a lot of pleasure knowing that my paintings bring a sense of place and personality to collector’s homes, often stirring happy memories of trips to the coast or walks in the countryside.’

Dawn is an experienced painter in a variety of mediums including Oils, Acrylics, Watercolour and Inks. Working from her own photographs and sketchbooks, she records her own interpretation of the scene, producing finished pieces from her home studio. Her painting style is impressionistic but with a strong representational bias, sharing the feeling and character of the place from her own perspective.

Dawn’s artistic drive culminates in a desire to capture the different seasons, atmospheres, beauty and light of various landscapes, paying special attention to colour and tone to achieve this.

Dawn’s artworks have sold to collectors in the UK and Overseas.

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