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Erica Sturla

Polymer Clay Artist

Picnic in the Park


The Tailender


All Artwork by Erica Sturla

Erica creates lively and colourful scenes with three-dimensional clay figures set against hand painted backgrounds. Back in 2000, Erica discovered the endless possibilities of working in this colourful medium and was surprised by the movement and personality that develops when creating the characters in the polymer clay. The contrasting studied approach of the detailed background painting gives her work a very distinctive and instantly recognisable style.

Her inspirations are firmly rooted in the simple pleasures of everyday life - the joy is in creating a painting that celebrates people doing familiar things in a new and exciting way. There are countless subjects waiting to be explored, but favourite themes for Erica are the seaside, a busy market or the great outdoors and people busily enjoying themselves there!

Originally trained in fashion, Erica worked for many years as a graphic designer and illustrator. Now she devotes all her time to creating art and shows her original paintings in galleries and at fairs across the UK. Her signature clay figures also appear on an expanding range of products, including several ranges of greetings cards and gifts.

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