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Maissaa Shaheen


By Maissaa - 'Chippewa' Collection


By Maissaa - 'Jeddah' Collection


All Artwork by Maissaa Shaheen

Maissaa is a Saudi American creative professional, who has a remarkable portfolio of experience in both Digital and Creative Graphics, Surface Design, Photography and Marketing. Work has led to live in seven countries across three continents which has helped her to provide creative direction and locally adapted content to both international clients and startups.
Using her experience of curating exhibitions and launching Western brands into the Middle Eastern markets, Maissaa is now the Founder of her own design business, By Maissaa, in London, UK. Being a “designer by trade and a traveler by nature,” Maissaa’s designs are inspired by her travels and influenced by cultures. Each Collection tells a story on silk….
The Chippewa Collection is inspired by the Native American Tribe called “Chippewa” in Michigan, US - where Maissaa was born.
The Jeddah Collection is inspired by the open-air art gallery city Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, located on the Red Sea coast making it renowned for its seafood and coral inspired architecture – where she became a traveler.

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