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Neil Horne


Gruntus Beach




Loch Lomond I


Loch Lomond II


All Artwork by Neil Horne

Neil creates evocative, atmospheric and simply timeless fine art landscape photography.
He caught the photography bug aged 11, learning to print black and white photos in the kitchen sink and ever since developed a lifelong passion for creating beautiful photographs, especially of the landscape and nature, be it small details or expansive seascapes.
A National and International award-winning photographer, winning an ‘Oskar’ for his stunning shot of Hikkaduwa Beach at Dusk. He is inspired by the landscape all around him, be it his base in The Goring Gap, mountains in Scotland, sea scapes in Devon or overseas destinations. His first one man exhibition was help at Reading Museum in 2003 with a follow up in 2012, all shot in black and white, but Neil’s current work encapsulates glorious landscapes in colour as well as his favoured black and white.
“There is nothing more beautiful than nature showing its variety, from wild storms to calm seas, seasonal changes in colour and tone, all captured to inspire, make you feel good and give some tranquility in an uncertain world.”

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