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Sabbi Gavarailov


Champagne Tribute


Cognac and Cigar


Dirty Martini




Liquor D'amor


All Artwork by Sabbi Gavarailov

Sabbi Gavrailov is a self-taught artist from Bulgaria who works and creates in Hemel Hempstead, UK. He originates from the town of Brezovo which is also the birthplace of two iconic Bulgarian artists: Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, who died in 1976 and is known for his portraits and landscapes depicting the village life in the region, as well as Mincho Katsarov, an artist celebrated in France but virtually unknown in his home country.
Sabbi relates to Zlatyu Boyadzhiev through his great-grandfather, Zlatyu’s close cousin. He strongly believes his talent comes from the roots of the family. There are striking similarities found between the landscape and portrait painting styles of Sabbi Gavrailov and Zlatyu Boyadzhiev. In his early days, Sabbi also took lessons in the atelier of another contemporary artist from the Plovdiv region, Geno Lazarov.
Sabbi graduated from the Vocational School of Architecture and Geodesy in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1996. In 2003 he settles in the UK and two years later acquires a Professional Diploma in Digital Photography in London.
A fascination with digital photography over the past decade has helped to encourage his love of travel photography and his favourite subject Portraiture. Despite always wanting to become an artist one day, the opportunity had never really presented itself until the loss of his father back home in Bulgaria when a creative outpouring of emotion unleashed his talent.
Sabbi actively participates in the local art communities in Hertfordshire and exhibits at local events, galleries and takes part in national and international art competitions. Sabbi is an active member of Harpenden Art Club, and his portraiture has won the “Visitors Choice Award for a Painting” at the Harpenden Art Club Annual exhibitions for two consecutive years, 2021/22.
Sabbi uses only his own sketches and photography to create his paintings and often participates in open studio events where he demonstrates his style of painting. He paints in oils as a primary medium, and he is commissioned for his award-winning portraits, still-life art as well as his impressionist landscape work.
His paintings are in private collections around the world including, Bulgaria, Middle East, Brazil, and The UK.
His artworks are in private collections in The United Kingdom, The Middle East, and Bulgaria.

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