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Seamus Cuddihy


Strong Together


All Artwork by Seamus Cuddihy

After qualifying as an Art Teacher in Ireland in late 70s, Seamus moved to UK and set up a successful Arts Centre for adults with physical disabilities in Leatherhead, Surrey which he ran for 20 years.
Seamus now focuses his attentions on his passion – sculpture. Although his original pieces were created in clay, he has since experimented with a vast selection of mediums including resin bronze, aluminium, wood, marble, slate & iron. In recent years Seamus has, ‘explored the creative possibilities of working with ferrous and non- ferrous metals. Cutting, bending and welding these metals is a challenging yet enjoyable and rewarding experience.’
Sculptures are usually figurative or animal studies and feature smooth, clean shapes which have a contemporary feel – suitable for any modern home, office or outdoor space.

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