Claire Burke

Buckinghamshire, UK

Claire is an experienced, abstract artist with an eye for balance and composition which has informed her visual choices since her early days of digital photography, long before she picked up a paintbrush. She creates pieces that are striking in different ways – sometimes tranquillity and quietness are evoked, perhaps using subtle colours or a limited palette, other times there is drama and intrigue expressed through bold marks over blended and layered backgrounds.

What seems to unify her work is a body of beautiful pieces that give the viewer space: they make perfect sense in a home or office where they enhance a feeling of calm, inviting contemplation, not demanding attention.

Claire works on small collections of like pieces but as her style, mark-making, media and inspiration evolve the work can develop rapidly in new directions.

‘I get huge satisfaction from knowing a painting of mine has found an appreciative new home, as my paintings are a small piece of who I am at the time I make them.’

Claire has been an established artist for around 10 years, selling her artwork throughout the UK and exhibiting annually at selected art fairs in the South East of England. She also participates in Buckinghamshire’s Open Studios event each June and is a member of several art groups.

All Artwork by Claire Burke