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Give your designs the quality they deserve with our professional fine art prining services in 3 simple steps

For the Best Quality Prints, here is a simple guideline:

  1. Follow these simple rules to make sure your prints come out picture perfect every time. We like to think we can work most types of magic, but if there is one thing we can't do, it's a high quality print from a tiny, blurry photo.

  2. Try to upload your artwork at the exact size and resolution you would like it to print.
    We recommend uploading your artwork at a minimum of 300dpi.

  3. When saving your artwork to upload, make sure you save in as high quality as you can. TIFF files are generally best, but a high resolution JPEG may be OK. If it's vector artwork, a print-ready PDF works wonders.

  4. Make sure you are 100% happy with your artwork before you send it to us. We are happy to help with re-touching, re-resizing and other small tweaks, but it's best if you let us know first.

  5. If you are unsure how to do this, give us a call and we may be able to help you out.

Image Editing and File Types

Within the scan files, we invisibly edit out minor blemishes and are able to edit out major blemishes upon request.

For each scan we create 4 files by default:

  • High resolution TIF at 48 bit colour (Up to 4GB / 30,000 pixels) for the most demanding publishers and to facilitate optimum image editing

  • High resolution JPG at 8 bit (Up to 600MB / 30,000 pixels) for printing and publishers

  • Medium resolution JPG – Compressed (Up to 50MB / 10,000 pixels) for image licensing & print on demand

  • Low resolution JPG – Compressed (Up to 2MB / 1,000 pixels) for websites, marketing & social media

For our customers, we provide guidance how to securely store, edit and use the scans to maximise income.

How does it work?

In order to scan the original artwork, it needs to either be hand delivered to the Gallery or securely packaged and posted along with a storage device for the image files. We can also provide a 128GB USB flash drive upon request for a small fee. We will return the original artwork immediately upon completion.

Scanning typically takes one to two days for which copyright remains with the artist at all times. The scan files are then deleted from our database upon completion.

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Our Products


This is your Product section paragraph. It’s an ideal place to showcase the types of products available, and underline any important or unique features.


This is your Product section paragraph. It’s an ideal place to showcase the types of products available, and underline any important or unique features.


This is your Product section paragraph. It’s an ideal place to showcase the types of products available, and underline any important or unique features.

In General

  • Metal prints give impressive luminosity and depth to the artwork or photograph.

  • They are water-resistant and UV durable, and are idea for all high end indoor and outdoor locations:

    • Homes, corporate, commercial, hotels, restaurants, schools, healthcare

    • Public spaces, swimming pools, terraces, patios, BBQ’s...

  • They offer high stability while they are low in weight. 

  • Easily cleaned.

Types of Metal Prints

We offer two types of metal print:

  • Chromaluxe - THE Premium Metal Prints

    • The panels are manufactured in the USA to create the highest quality, most luxurious, vibrant and durable print medium in the world, using a dye-sublimation process infused into a polymer coating.

    • Scratch, abrasion, water, fire, chemical, fade resistant and lightweight

  • Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP)

    • Scratch, abrasion, water, chemical and fade resistant when laminated.

    • Extremely strong and durable


All sizes are available up to 240cm x 120cm for all of our artwork, also customer designs and images.

Framing and Hanging

As a standard, our metal prints are supplied with a sub frame, ready to hang.

Aluminium 'floating' frame is available in black, white or silver aluminium. Wooden frames also available.

Metal Prints

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Guideline for Prints orders


Media size


Maximum Image size cm

66 x 44" - 168 x 112cm



56x38 " - 147x97cm



~A0 48 x 32 " - 122 x 81cm



~A1 36 x 24 " - 90 x 60cm



A2 24 x 16.5 " - 59.4 x 42cm



A3+ 19 x 13 " - 48.3 x 32.9cm



A3 16.5 x 11.7 " - 42 x 29.7cm



A4 11.7 x 8.3 " - 29.7 x 21cm



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