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Adele Riley


Adele Riley
Adele Riley is a British contemporary land and seascape artist. She describes her creative process as follows: ‘Usually working in acrylic and acrylic inks, each painting begins with a loose idea of what I want to create. It’s essentially about the emotional content of the piece that I strive to capture; this is done by letting the inks create a type of chaos, they do what they naturally want to do. This is an exciting part of the process as it always reveals something magical, letting me know what I should do or how I should react next.’ Adele works with many layers, sometime textures, and with a variety of methods to create surface interest. She makes marks from wax, pencil, knives for scraping and scratching into her works, and takes pallet knives for those wonderfully thick licks of paint added at the end. She loves to start her paintings plein air, and can often be found in local forests or on the beaches of Cornwall and Devon, but her passion is to paint intuitively, recalling the light, atmosphere, sounds and feel of the place. It’s an important part of her process, enabling the viewer to create their own narrative with her works if there is a strong emotional content to the piece. Adele is fascinated by light and colour; she feels that the viewer connects to colour just as much as they connect to the subject matter. People are drawn to different energies in different colours, and she loves to play with this theory in her works. Adele originally trained in Design and Illustration at Epsom School of Art. She has exhibited in Brick Lane London, Cheltenham, Goodwood and The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea. Her works can be found in galleries in Oxfordshire and Surrey. She has been featured in Artist and Illustrator Magazine, Homes and Gardens and Vanity Fair, as well as New Artist and FLUX magazines. In 2021 she took up her first residency at the Cotswold Sculpture Park. Adele’s works are proudly displayed in private collections around the world.

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