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Art Visualization

A service which allows you to see how a painting will look in your home without it leaving the gallery

if you have come across a piece of artwork that you love in our gallery, you can purchase one of our Art Insitu Mock-up packages:

  1. Single Mock-up package (one wall with 1x piece)

  2. Single wall 3x Mock-ups package  (one wall, multiple mock-ups to compare different pieces or sizes)

  3. Single wall 5x Mock-ups Package (one wall, multiple mock-ups to compare different pieces or sizes)


Once the order has been confirmed, we will contact you via email within 24 hours with instructions to send us the photo of your wall(s). Mock-up orders typically require a week for delivery. Should you choose to purchase the artwork within one week of your receipt of the insitu mock-up, the price of the mock-up service will be applied as a credit towards your purchase. If you'd like to visualize art on multiple walls simply add additional Single Mock-up Packages to your cart. 

Artwork that is available for sale

If you have come across a painting, photogragh, or illustration that you fell in love with but its not on sale in our gallery, you can choose to order a print that is customised to your space. Visit our Printing services page for more information. 

The Perfect Piece. The Perfect Size. The Perfect Statement.

Whether it’s the décor of a home, workplace, hotel, restaurant, showroom or an event space that you wish to enhance, our art visualisation service allows you to see how the artwork would look in your space before you commit to purchasing. We understand that buying artwork is an investment, and we want you to experience how the artwork you choose will impact your space and surroundings.

All we require is a photo of your wall space,  any dimensions to help us scale the artwork for you, the names of the pieces if they are for sale in our gallery, and we will create a digital mock-up with the artwork insitu for a nominal fee. 

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