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How does it work?

  1. Register your occasion using the gift and occasion registration form below or with one of our friendly staff at the gallery. In the form, you are asked to create a reference code that is unique to you. The reference code must consist of a maximum of 10 characters (letters and numbers). 

  2. Once you have completed the registration, you can share the reference code with family and friends for them to contribute towards your gift with any amount they wish to spend.​

  3. Family and friends will then be able to process their contribution in the contribution payment form further down in this page. 

  4. Please read our gift registry Terms and Conditions.

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Quality Merchandise


Abstracts to match their Decor

Metalics that add a spark


Figurative for his Mancave

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If you have come across an artwork  that you love and wish to ask your family and friends to fund it with any amount of their choice, you can simply register it with us and we will handle the rest for you.

Our gift registry service is suitable for weddings, leaving gifts, good bye gifts or any other occasion. Whether its an original painting, sculpture or a limited edition, you can choose any artwork or service that you like as a gift for your special occasion. 

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