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Dreya Bennett

Glass Artist

Dreya Bennett
Dreya was born in Africa and lived in Lagos until she was nine. Moving to Cornwall at such a key age shaped her passions and future. Having always been a keen swimmer her love of water intensified on the beautiful beaches and in the crashing Atlantic surf of the Cornish Coastline. Being a keen surfer in her teens her love of playing in and with the elements became all encompassing when she discovered the thrill of kitesurfing. A pioneer in the early days of the sport she set up one of the first schools in the UK, and competed on the world circuit with her highest ranking being 3rd in the world. She discovered glass by accident, through her landlady whilst studying at Falmouth art college, falling instantly in love with the look and the process of working with glass she decided to specialise in Architectural Stained Glass at Swansea. Though not actively working with glass during my sporting career, the fascination never left. Now retired from competition, glass is back as the focus of my passion.

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