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Jacqui Larsen




All Artwork by Jacqui Larsen

Jacqui Larsen has loved art ever since school when she first did an O level in art. Over the years she has explored and worked with many forms of art mediums. Collage, figurative drawing and pastels just to name a few. It wasn’t until one day when she found herself scrolling through the internet that she found and fell in love with pieces art that exploded with colour and form. She was fascinated with the medium and took it upon herself to explore it herself creatively. It took her three to four years of experimenting and learning to be at the stage where she found the confidence to show her work to the outside world. It was only through the support of a friend that she took the decision to turn her garage into a studio. Now she spends most of her weekends and free time trying out new methods and just having fun with her work and creativity.

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