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Karen Burling


Karen Burling
Karen is a global selling Wildlife and abstract artist, working from her studio at home in Hampshire, UK. Karen draws huge inspiration from nature, in particular the spirit of Wildlife, in it's natural habitat. "Our diverse world of Wildlife is refreshingly unaware of its beauty, when only survival is key" Captivated from early trips to Kenya, South Africa and Asia, as well as all over the UK, Karen has experienced some breathtaking moments in nature. In turn, having visited a number of animal sanctuaries, along with working with Wildlife in the UK for a number of years, Karen's awareness of the struggles and decline that our Wildlife are facing has increased significantly and it is important for Karen to use her work to raise awareness, and support vital conservation charities. Karen was delighted to be invited to produce work for 'Artists For Painted Dogs', 'Save the Rhino', and the Wildlife Trust charities, in the company of some of the world's most renowned Wildlife artists. Karen works in the medium of acrylic, using bold, and vibrant colour, to create impact. Often working her subject into a more fluid and abstract background, to enhance the energy and movement, beyond an image captured. Seeking to draw your eyes on a journey. The natural world never stands still, and is ever changing.

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