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Lisa James


Aurora - Ephemeral Collection


Solitude - Ephemeral Collection


All Artwork by Lisa James

"For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for art.

Painting brings me a sense of fulfilment and happiness. I paint intuitively and take my inspiration from the power in nature. I'm in awe of a beautiful sunrise, the strength of an ocean wave and the power and movement of a stunning cloud formation.

I try to capture the same strength and power in my painting and use acrylic paint and brush strokes to evoke a feeling of movement and energy.

I also like to blend the paint to create a soft dreamy feel to build harmony and balance as the layers develop, allowing the viewer to feel a sense of peace and calm.

Each new piece of work can often bring a sense of vulnerability and rawness - like getting to know someone for the first time. The titles for my work often evolve as I paint and connect with the piece as it develops a personality of its own.

I hope you find the same connections with my work."

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