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Sergej Ovcharuk


London South Bank Popcorn


Venetian Vibes


All Artwork by Sergej Ovcharuk

Born in 1963, in Lvov, Ukraine, Serge graduated from the Khmelnitskiy School of Arts in 1980. His youthful romanticism led him to the door of Russia's oldest maritime school, LVIMU (now State Marine Academy) in St. Petersburg. However, under the influence of this historic city - one of the world centres of the arts and culture - he found himself consumed with a desire to follow a creative path, and took up the study of painting.
Meeting with the outstanding master-colourist Vladimir Borodin in 1982 was the transformative event in Ovcharuks’ life as an artist, and spending four years studying in Borodin's studio provided the basis for his development as a painter. Ovcharuks’ romantic-symbolic sense of the world and his passion for colour can be traced directly to this period.
Serge combines his talent with a clever use of colour to create a feeling of movement within his paintings, allowing the viewer to feel that they are experiencing the artwork as well as observing it.

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