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In and Out of Place - Fiona Pearce

When we think of landscapes, we imagine the details of the scenery captured and the magical lightings that lit up the place giving it a lovely aura. But what if we take a different direction, and instead of including them we bring them away. What will we end up with?

Today we look at the Fiona Pearce's artworks of trees and landscapes in her unique style of painting. Her work falls between genres such as modern contemporary and art deco, differing from the common realistic approaches but keeping it clean and sleek as well.


As you can see, Fiona groups everything into a shape of its own, keeping corners and clean finishes visible everywhere. In addition with the absence of shading and crisp colours, she takes a different approach on perspectives: remaining the contrary of sizes but taking the dimension away from the art resulting an interesting depth within the scene. If you ask me, they remind me of Matisse style of cutout works, fun and striking.


In both artworks, Fiona applies detailed brushworks in creating everything - leaves, land, skies - except from one thing. The trunk is composed by striking and flat white and blacks which make them pop out of the rest, creating this distorted perception as if it exists in another universe. Everything looks out of place yet harmonious, is the essence of Fiona's work.

Find more about Fiona and explore her artworks here:

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