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Lighting up and around the art

Imagine walking up to a painting in the morning, showered by the natural light, all the colors vivid and bright and blended in; while pieces in an art gallery or exhibitions go against spotlights gazing intensively upon them. What do you see?

As colors and shapes are crucial, the science behind the lights and darks are one essential part of artworks. Shadows, silhouettes that form around the shapes could appear in many different forms. They go beyond a piece, but still is one with it.

These two pieces of handmade fused glass done by Dreya included elements of the ocean through the use of shadows casted behind the piece itself. In the Large Breaking Wave, sparkling ripples are created through the texture of the glass itself which brings you to the bottom of the sea, making us feel the freedom and movement of the whiplash... We all are looking forward for a dive, aren't we?

Dreya also layers several pieces of glass together, and by the reflection of lights, a 3-dimentional figure of the Seahorse hops right in front of you. The use of coral-like shaped glass adds a touch of agile, as if its wiggling to the refraction of water. To add on it, details of the animal are shown through smart drops of glass around its head, crowning it in its shadow. It is everything we would imagine of a mysterious creature under the sea.

Another form light and shadow would be Colin Hawkins' glass bottles, combining traditional glassblowing and marble-like swirls within it. As light shines through the Midnight and Slate Feather Bottle, they overlap with each other, creating glowing patterns and swirls on the shadow. They also mimics streams of flickering star streams across the night sky, as if standing in front of a meteor shower. Make a wish and it may come true!

Its truly mesmerizing to see how artists play with such an element, harness it and embed it within a piece of work. From careful crafting of materials to dancing on our way back home on streets, we have fun with our own shadows, making our very own art! ☀️🌊

Discover more about our Glass collection down below⬇️:

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