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Floral Mosaic - Marilyn MonRose

As part of the Wokingham In Bloom assessment by the RHS, the national judges were scheduled to visit our gallery, as we helped the Wokingham In Bloom team to organize an art competition by local artists of all ages. This was an ideal opportunity for us to create a floral work of art as part of the celebrations. This was kept veiled until the visit upon which the mayor of Wokingham Town Council Cllr Sally Gurney unveiled it in the presence of the judges and a large crowd.

We loved their reactions as the veil revealed Marilyn!


Marilyn was created using 4cm silk peonies in 17 colour combinations on a 9 panel grid and measuring 168cm W x 168cm H. The base design consists of 42 x 42 peonies = 1764 in total. However, we then added around a further 200 or so intermediate peonies to define detail in her eyes, nose and mouth.

Following completion, we coated the peonies in silk flower UV filtering varnish for resilience.


We are able to undertake floral mosaic commissions for hotels, homes, retailers, florists, interior designers and event planners, etc. Contact us for details.

Marilyn used 4cm silk peonies, but we can also offer roses and other flowers at individual sizes up to 8cm. Smaller flowers gives a higher resolution where space and size is limited.

We can work from a design brief or photographs and we are happy to work with interior designers and architects.

We can create the mosaic in multiple sections for ease of transportation and installation and we can deliver nationwide with full installation materials and instructions. We can also offer installation or installation supervision as required.

In Situ in her forever home

Marilyn now resides in her forever home at Hair Poetry hair and beauty salon on Denmark Street, Wokingham, where she welcomes visitors in the reception. Thank you Maria.

We hope you like her! Please let us know


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