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The "Music" of Art - Elizabeth Mikellides

How do you enjoy art? Do you look at the stunning visuals of a piece? Do you walk up closely and smell the intruding scent of paints? Do you place your hand to feel the texture on the surface? Artwork on canvases tend to convey meanings through their presence, but this artist goes far and beyond, playing music in her extraordinary form of art.

Elizabeth Mikellides is a British Greek-Cypriot artist based in Surrey, and has great interest in art and music. Being a professional pianist was once a serious consideration, but she eventually chose the former as she completes her studies Camberwell College of Art and at The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London. Combining those two art forms, Elizabeth finds a unique way to visualize the beauty of the melodic sounds through an abstract approach.

In the piece Take a Chance on Me, the first things that meets the eye are striking colors and shapes, crisp or blurred. But not until you find out that the dimensions of these forms are based off of a real piece of music, then you truly understand the magnificence of it.

In the image is the notation of the song itself. After translation, the blurry colours on the base resonate the melody of the song, while the more defined figures represent the lyrics sang by the artist. Together they form an amazing artwork, just like how melodies and lyrics compliment each other, creating a harmonizing, beautiful piece, telling a story beyond than the artwork itself. It even looks like a piano you can play on!

On the other hand, Prelude in C demonstrates a beautiful piano piece by Bach, one of Elizabeth's favorite composers. The notes of the song are transformed into long stripes across the artwork, resonating with Bach's fast-paced nature of melodies, bringing us into the wonderful musical world of the composer's and the artist's.

All of Elizabeth's works are done digitally and printed onto metal Chromaluxe, allowing her to make precise adjustments through codes and numbers on the computer, to finish with clean and accurate appeal.

While artists come up with amazing ideas, not only sceneries or figures of beings can be captured in an artwork, but also the music and audio behind it. As we explore more and more unique pieces of art, it is always fun to discover the hidden messages and meanings behind them!🎼🎵

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