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  • Life Is What You Make It
  • Life Is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It


Common themes in Michiel’s work are recognizable icons, mostly women, but also famous and non-famous comics. Since 2017 Michiel is working more abstract. Amidst the chaos he always tries to find order in palette and placement, by working in raster and restricting his colour-use. “The chaos has to be friendly and quiet”. He always tries to make a whole new image with all the different elements. “I am always trying to force the viewer to see one image instead of seeing all the loose parts”. Besides, Michiel is often trying to use different colour combinations in most of his new work. “When you are an acrylic or oil painter, you go to an art supply store, you can think ahead what colours you will be using and combining, and you’ll buy them. The exciting part of my technique: I am forced to use colour combinations the streets will give me.”

  • Michiel Folkers