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  • Marilyn Monrose

Marilyn Monrose


As Sir Elton John sang ‘Your candle burned out long before Your legend ever did’. For so many Marilyn defined popular culture with her iconic hair and beauty that will never be forgotten. Some might even say that there is no figure in pop culture whose style is so synonymous with their character.  She graced the world, and her image will forever be burned into our memories. Although her life was full of controversy and turbulence, she was one of the most marketable Hollywood stars of her era. Here at R Young Art, we couldn’t think of any better icon than Marilyn Monroe to create this work you see before you. Composed of over two thousand flowers each installed by hand one at a time. Many hours went into creating this piece, completely reimagining how we could bring that iconic image into the gallery. Take a step back and once again admire and appreciate the legend that is Marilyn Monroe.

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