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Amanda Deadman

Polymer Clay Artist

Amanda Deadman
"I began my art career with a degree in 3D design and photography from West Surrey College of Art and Design, in the UK, and straight out of college produced kiln formed glass for sale exclusively through Aaronson galleries in Piccadilly London, and Edinburgh, Scotland. I have painted all of my life and for the most part have produced photo-realistic work, in watercolour and acrylic on canvas, and have exhibited in galleries in London, Oxfordshire and across the UK. I sell my artworks privately, on Artfinder, and through selected galleries in the UK, and have works in collections worldwide. Following a year off to explore and settle on a style I returned to my 3D roots and now specialise in creating beautiful, intricate and detailed polymer clay, cut watercolour paper, and moulded rcolour paper artworks. My inspirations come mostly from nature, and I love exploring new colour combinations and techniques to produce the individual elements that make up each of my artworks."

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