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Ben Goymour


Big Ben


New Horizons


Peaceful Tides


Sound of Rolling Waves


St Pauls


All Artwork by Ben Goymour

Born in 1985, Ben Goymour has lived in Peterborough most of his civilian life. At just 16 years of age, Ben joined the army serving in 29 Commando Regiment as a Bombardier and completing many tours. Ben was only 20 old when was deployed to Afghanistan as a Section Commander.

After leaving the Army, Ben becoming a builder & carpenter and settled into a civilian life. In 2016, during a hiking trip to the Lake District, Ben fell in love with a painting at a local gallery. Being unable to afford to buy it at the time, Ben determined that one day he would return to paint one for myself. He first picked up a paint brush in February 2017, not realising that this was going to be the start of a flourishing new career as an artist.

Ben’s newfound passion continued to grow into obsession. Painting consumed every moment of spare time that he had. Whilst still maintaining a full-time job and building company, Ben would wake up at 4am to paint before a full day's work on site and return home to painting all evening.

It was Ben’s wife who (secretly) took the step of approaching local galleries and famous artist Roz Bell, and that in turn started Ben on the journey the from self-taught amateur to a professional artist. In January 2021, demand for Bens’s art had grown enough for Ben to close his building company and paint full time. Ben is forever grateful to his wife and to Roz, for all the support they have given him over the last three years.

Ben’s inspiration comes from his passion for nature and adventure. His weekends are filled with wild camping, hiking and most recently paddle boarding, snapping photos wherever he goes. Ben will spend hours studying how light falls on different landscapes and this has become the focus of his fine art landscape and seascape paintings. Ben enjoys creating a sense of feeling and mood for the observers of his work. Something intangible to anyone but the eyes of the beholder. Ben attempts to capture that "you just had to be there" feeling in every painting.

Ben loves creating new ranges and experimenting with different "styles" and techniques which is evident throughout his individual collections.

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