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The Beauty of Abstract - World's Apart by Lisa James

Is abstract art like marmite? What do you think?

In our gallery we have art from across the spectrum and our abstracts certainly get lots of attention, especially from children and young adults.

The feedback we receive as to why our visitors like abstracts are:

  • I love the bold colours

  • It's my favourite colour

  • It complement's my colour scheme

  • It makes me feel happy

Abstract Art is all about the relationship between shapes and colours, as is all art to a degree I guess. My own artwork is figurative and fairly realistic as I like to capture emotions, drama and passion! But I appreciate abstract artwork especially when I see shape, form and relationships.

What do you see in the below painting by our most popular artist Lisa James?

Here's just a few of the relationship comments I've overheard from visitors, as it's positioned high up on our main feature wall, right next to our sales counter:

  • Dragonflies

  • Fairies

  • A Butterfly

  • Ballerinas / Dancers

  • A view from beneath the waves

  • Nebula

Whatever you see, it provokes comment, feedback and conversation. We each look for relationships and we each find a different answer. There's a lot going on in this one. It's complex and the contrasting colours work exceptionally well, Imagine it in your home, office, a hotel or conference room...

Here are a few more beautiful abstracts from this amazing artist:

Discover Lisa's artwork in our gallery here:

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