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  • Large Blue Copperwash Moon Jar

Large Blue Copperwash Moon Jar


The Moon Jar is based on the Korean storage jar and thrown in the traditional way by making two bowl shapes and joining them together to make a sphere.

Raku clay is used to make the Moon jar which helps with the thermal shock of the Raku firing. The Moon jar is then turned to refine the shape and a foot ring turned into the bottom. The neck rim and the foot ring are then brushed with terra sigillata, a very fine slip, and polished to a soft shine.

The Moon Jar body is decorated with a copper wash and the colours appear during the raku firing by reducing the oxygen in the atmosphere around the pot and then reintroducing it where upon the colours appear.

The rim and the foot ring turn black in the firing from smoke and are then polished to enhance the soft shine of the terra sigillata.

  • Abi Higgins