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  • Prelude in C
  • Prelude in C
  • Prelude in C

Prelude in C


On first glance Elizabeths work is bright, bold and colourful. Each strip varying in thickness and colour to create a contemporary piece of art. What is most interesting about her work is it is actually music translated into art itself.


Each strip is a cord of music, and the thickness depends on the length of the cord. The title corresponding to the piece of music translated.

It creates a duality with her work, on one hand it can easily be appreciated for its uplifting colours and exuberance. Secondly with how its created her work become conversation pieces.


Printed on Chromaluxe, the pigment itself is infused into the metal. Making it one of the only mediums that are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Elizabeth Mikellides