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R Young Art - Our 2nd Anniversary

A toast to friendship.

Saturday the 7th of October saw us celebrating our second anniversary. Pictured above from left to right. Joshua, Richard, Sarah, and Jaye. This last year has saw the recruitment of both Joshua and Jaye to the team. Joshua is based at our Holme Grange craft village unit where he is the resident framer and design specialist. Richard Young is the gallery owner with his partner Sarah. Finally, Jaye is the gallery manager and is based out of our main gallery in Wokingham town centre.

As the doors of our beloved art gallery swung open for the second time to celebrate our anniversary, there was a profound sense of pride and excitement in the air. It has been an incredible journey filled with creativity, inspiration, and, most importantly, the unwavering support of our art-loving community. Today, we raise our glasses in a heartfelt "Toast to Friendship" as we mark this significant milestone.

This year, the centrepiece of our celebration was the unveiling of a stunning new painting (Pictured above) aptly titled "A Toast to Friendship." This masterpiece, created by the exceptionally talented artist and gallery owner Richard Young, serves as a visual testament to the power of friendship, connection, and the shared experiences that make life so beautiful.

"A Toast to Friendship" is a perfect example to Richard’s skill with palette knives, his chosen tool for creating all his pieces. As we gaze upon this artwork, it reminds us of the importance of human connection, especially during these challenging times that we have faced as a society over the last year.

The last year has seen the gallery expand it is offering of original artworks, limited editions, photography, sculpture and ceramics. Now representing over twenty artists both local and national. We are proud to work with artists from every walk of life, at different stages in their artistic careers and it’s an honour for us to be a part of each of their journeys.

Our second anniversary is not just a celebration of time but a tribute to the artists, art enthusiasts, and friends who have made our gallery what it is today. We want to thank each one of you for your unwavering support and commitment to the world of art. We look forward to many more years of creativity, inspiration, and the profound bonds that make our art community so special. Cheers to friendship, art, and many more shared toasts in the years to come!

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Mohan Banerji
Mohan Banerji
Oct 16, 2023

Sorry I was unable to join you in person but I have no hesitation in raising my glass and toasting our friendship . Salut !

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